Senator Elizabeth Warren Apologizes For Newest Revelation Of Native American Claims

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is once again apologizing for claiming Native American ancestry after it was revealed that she filled out a registration card for the State Bar of Texas in 1986 and wrote “American Indian” in the line asking her race. The latest disclosure comes as Warren prepares to officially launch her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.

Warren told reporters Wednesday that she grew up believing she had Native American ancestors. “This is our family story, and it’s all consistent from that point in time,” she said in response to a question about whether there are other documents that may show similar claims. Warren said, “It’s important to note I am not a tribal citizen, and I should have been more mindful of the distinction with tribal citizenship and tribal sovereignty.”

Warren apologized last week to Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker for a DNA test she released in October that she said showed “strong evidence” of Native American ancestry dating back several generation, which drew scorn from tribal groups as well as her political critics. President Trump has repeatedly called Warren “Pocahontas.”

Elizabeth Warren facing backlash after old registration card shows she called herself “American Indian”


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