My thanks to Pat O’Connor

We were so happy to have Pat O’Conner on The Morning Drive today!  Pat created and built Little Fenway at his home in Essex nearly 20 years ago simply because of his love for baseball and Fenway Park.  You could hear the passion in his voice as he described building it…and then watching it morph into the incredible yearly event that has become the “best weekend of the Summer!”  Over the years as the event grew beyond anything Pat could have imagined, he added Little Wrigley and the Field of Dreams. The Wiffle ball tournament is, of course, this weekend, and will attract hundreds if not thousands of people to watch, participate, have fun raising money for the Travis Roy Foundation which focuses on helping people with spinal cord injuries.   Thanks to Pat and Travis (who was on the show Thursday) for creating this incredible event that has raised over 5 million dollars so far for this great cause!