President Trump’s Personal Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, Says He Won’t Comply With Congressional Subpoena

President Donald’s Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, said on Tuesday he will not comply with a congressional subpoena, saying in part “if they enforce it then we will see what happens.”

Giuliani stated he is no longer retaining the services of Jon Sale, who was acting as his attorney for this matter. Giuliani said that if Congress seeks to enforce a subpoena, then he will retain counsel. Sale sent a letter to Congress on Tuesday replying to the subpoena Giuliani was sent, which was the deadline for Giuliani to comply with the subpoena from three of the House committees working on the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

In their subpoena sent to Giuliani late last month, Reps. Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and Elijah Cummings said that Giuliani had “admitted on national television that, while serving as the president’s personal attorney, he asked the government of Ukraine to target former Vice President Joe Biden.”

Guiliani’s business relationships remain the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation being conducted by federal authorities in New York.

Giuliani says he won’t comply with subpoenas from Democrats


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